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Our Mission

Supec is involved in business education and professional training. Since its inception, the group's mission has remained providing business employers with skilled and operational executives and employees. To fulfill this mission, Supec has always designed its educational and training programs with a strong focus on practical knowledge and know-how as needed by the business environment.


Supec in Lebanon

The roots of Supec date back to 1920. A large number of Lebanese professional accountants, computer specialists, administrative and commercial executives have earned their distinctive skills through their Supec education.

Supec programs are offered in English and in French throughout schools and training centers in Lebanon.

  • Supec Business Schools offer programs preparing for business careers in the fields of: Accounting, Finance, Chartered Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Computers and Information Systems, Administration, Human Resources and Hotels & Tourism Management. In partnership with foreign universities, these programs enable students to pursue university programs abroad or programs accepted by these universities.
  • Supec Training offers businesses and adults short training programs and seminars in the various fields of business management skills, knowledge and know-how.
  • Supec Placement & Recruitment helps companies, students and adults meet on the jobs front. This activity also helps Supec students in their search for jobs and internships.

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BEIRUT: Gemmayzeh - Gouraud Street - Andalusia Building
Tel/Fax: (00-961-1) 447899 - 443883 - 448040 - 563270 - 563896/7/8/9

BEIRUT: Palace Campus - Sursock Street
Tel/Fax: (00-961-1) 216422 - 216433


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